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Supporting GSAs


From the beginning, OSSCC has supported Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) as a way to help students feel safe in school. GSA is a student-initiated and student-run club in a public or private school. The goal of a GSA is to provide a safe, supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ+) and straight ally youth to meet and build community, to discuss issues facing the LGBTQ+ community, and to work to create a school environment free of discrimination, harassment, and intolerance. Research shows that all students in a school with a GSA feel safer than in a school with no GSA. 

GSAs are active in many high schools, some middle schools, and even a few elementary schools in Oregon. OSSCC supports existing groups by sharing resources, through a mini-grant program, and by hosting workshops for advisors. We also support the creation of new groups. 



Since 2015, OSSCC has offered mini-grants to GSAs to support club activities. To be eligible for a grant, an activity must be planned, directed and implemented by youth and must have a school sponsor. The application process and form is provided each year on this website and the OSSCC Board approves those mini-grants to be funded. Groups that receive mini-grants are expected to submit a short final report describing the impact of the activities.   Current grant listed below:

2023-2024 GSA Mini-Grants

OSSCC is pleased to announce that we are again offering mini-grants of up to $200 to Gay/Straight Alliances (GSAs), Queer/Straight Alliances (QSAs), and other similar student groups working with and serving LGBTQ+ students.

These grants help Student Groups across Oregon carry out the vital work necessary to keep our schools affirming, safe, and welcoming for youth. 

In order to be eligible for a mini-grant, groups/projects must agree to the following:

  • The project must be planned, directed, and implemented by youth;

  • The group has a school sponsor or advisor to receive funds;

  • The project must be completed by June 30th, 2024;

  • The grant recipients must agree to submit a brief report form describing the completed activities by August 4th, 2024.

ANNOUNCEMENT - Ten schools will receive GSA Mini-grants in 2024-2025

Ten schools have been selected to receive OSSCC mini-grants this school year. Schools
are planning a variety of things to support their LGBTQ+ students.


Activities include:

- Creating artwork to sell as a fundraiser,
- Creating buttons to promote GSA events,
- Hosting weekly social events,
- Hosting a school/community Pride parade,
- Hanging a banner in the school hall
- Hosting a Family night for elementary families, and
- Wearing masks on the Day of Silence.

Funded schools are from both urban and rural school districts; and funded activities
involve high school, middle school, and elementary students

OSSCC gave its first GSA mini-grants in 2011-2012, when it partnered with Portland
PFLAG to support GSAs in Oregon schools. Now the GSA mini-grant project is one of
OSSCC’s major activities. Research by GLSEN shows that having a GSA in a school
makes all students feel safe and supported, and therefore OSSCC believes that
supporting Oregon GSAs is a very important activity. Grant reports are due in August,
and we are excited to hear about the impact of school activities sponsored by the
projects. OSSCC will sponsor another round of mini-grants in the 2024-2025 school




If you have any questions, please email Please note, response times are slow as we are an all-volunteer committee.

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