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Joy Wallace
OSSCC Founder

In 2000 a coalition, including GLSEN, PFLAG and the Oregon Department of Education offered a 2-day workshop for educators designed to facilitate changes in schools to better meet the needs of LGBTQ+ students. I attended that workshop and have been working on this issue ever since. In 2008, I helped OSSCC become an official Oregon non-profit with tax exempt status, and became an official Board member.

Bullying and harassment in schools is a deterrent to student learning. No student can effectively learn in school if they are afraid or nervous about being safe. The goal of developing a supportive school climate for every student in every Oregon school is why I work with OSSCC. Maybe someday OSSCC efforts, working with others, will help Oregon achieve this goal.

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Frank Leavitt
OSSCC Board Chair

"Frank Leavitt has been in Portland since 1991.  A Northern California native, Frank moved to Portland to attend college and is a graduate of Portland State University with a BA in Communication.  He is currently the Director of Facilities Operations for Portland Public Schools.


Frank joined the OSSCC Board after receiving the Adult Ally Award for his commitment to addressing bullying and harassment in Oregon Schools.  Growing up in a small town, Frank has first hand experience how bullying and harassment can have long lasting impacts on young people.  He brings a commitment to continue to address the issues facing our LGBTQ student community in Oregon."

Kelly Austin
Portland, OR

Kelly Ausitin: I am a part of OSSCC because traumas and micro-traumas hurt now and can cause lasting damage. I want to keep taking small and big steps to make the world a little and a lot more safe for everyone so that hearts can heal.

Julie Houston
Portland, OR

Julie Houston: To me, the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition works for all the things that are important to me. As a parent of a queer kid and a not queer kid, I believe children and families should feel seen and safe and celebrated in their schools and in their communities. As an early childhood professional, I know that having a supportive community can make all the difference in a child's life, and that difference impacts the entire community. As a community member, love and justice is what gives me hope that our world will be better for the generations to come. Being a part of OSSCC gives me an opportunity to work towards this better world.

Michelle Kroll
Portland, OR

Michelle Kroll: As a mother of a school aged child, I think it crucial to educate our children to honor all people. We must instill in them the dignity of each individual.  Now more than ever we must stop the cycle of hate that permeates our society and our world.  Serving on this board allows me to help be an examples to my peers and our children.  

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