“2015 State of the Safe Schools Act” Report is here.

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Download the 2015 Safe Schools Report here!

For the past three years, Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition has partnered with several organizations–OGALLA: The LGBT Bar Association of Oregon, Oregon Public Health Division, Oregon Department of Education, Q Center, and our entire coalition—to help monitor school district anti-bullying policy adoption and full implementation of the law. We have also continued to organize the Safe School Awards to recognize those who are leading the way in providing safe schools for all students.

It was agreed at the publishing of last year’s Safe Schools Report, that it was an ideal time to reevaluate the scope and focus of future assessment endeavors. It is expected that 2016 will see the publication of several highly relevant assessments of school performance in Oregon, including GLSEN’s next National School Climate Survey report, as well as the next Oregon Healthy Teens Survey. OSSCC is currently working alongside our coalition members to deter¬mine the most beneficial next-steps for the 2016 Safe Schools Report and the potential for new and relevant data-collection is thrilling. The upcoming months are dedicated to convening like-minded organizations around the state to identify the most pressing assessment needs, both at the school and district level. The Multnomah County Communities of Color and LGBT Data Equity Taskforce continues to be a valuable resource.

We at OSSCC are already moving forward, alongside our coalition members, to outline the next-steps in state-wide data collection for the 2016 Safe Schools Report. Keeping students safe and healthy means engaging families, school administrators, teachers, the students themselves, and communities to help create a learning environment that promotes students’ physical, social, and emotional well-being. Contact OSSCC with any questions by writing us at info@oregonsafeschool.org.