2018 Board Members

Kelly Austin 
Storyteller and Development Consultant

Brett Bigham
2014 Oregon State Teacher of the Year-2015 National Education Association Educator of Excellence-2015 NEA Global Fellow

Ben Bowman, Co-Chair
Director of Policy and Outreach, Seeds Training

Dan Adams
Data Analyst, Oregon Department of Education

Kris Gowen

Julie Heffernan, Co-Chair
Professor, University of Oregon

Julie Houston — Acting Treasurer
Director, Early Childhood, Impact NW

Eric Overby- (not pictured)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Portland Representative of PFLAG

Lindsay Ray
High School Math Teacher

Minna Kim 
Graphic Artist

Joy Wallace — Co-Chair
Workshop Facilitator and Consultant

Larry Williams
Education Technology Specialist – OHSU


Back row: Julia Heffernan, Dan Adams, Brett Bigham, Minna Kim, Lindsay Ray Front row: Joy Wallace, Julie Houston, and Kelly Austin. Not pictured: Eric,  Ben, Kris, Sally or Larry.


Back row: Minna Kim, Lindsay Ray, Dan Adams, Brett, Lindsey Kennedy (please note that the Lindsey/Lindsay are spelled different)
Front row: Ben, Joy, Julie, Cindy

The people from our meeting night are:
    Back row: Ben and Dan Adams
    Front row: Eric Overby, Minna Kim, Julie Houston, Joy, Lindsay, Cindy, Gordon Clay

2015 Board Members




The Board meets the 2nd Thursday of each month at Q Center, though we do occasionally adjust the date to allow for holidays and scheduling conflicts. The Board also holds an Annual Retreat during the summer to plan for the next year. All meetings are open to members and supporters.

For information about attending a meeting, joining the Board, contact Joy Wallace, Chair at info@OregonSafeSchools.org

Bylaws & Policies

OSSCC’s Bylaws and Policies are available to read online: